Parenting Styles–Free Online Event


Are you looking to:

  • Send healthy and empowering messages to kids
  • Create responsible, capable, and optimistic adults
  • Feel energized – not burned out – and find joy in day-to-day parenting

Learn the keys to becoming a Consultant Parent, we’ll show you how during our FREE Online EventOctober 6, 2022.

There are 3 time slots available to make it as convenient as possible for everyone.

Do you love your children and want to be an involved parent? Of course, you do! But not all parents are alike. Some parenting styles make it harder to achieve the goals you have for yourself and your child while other parenting styles facilitate the process and allow us to enjoy our kids more in the present moment. If you want to get on the fast track to fun times and a brighter future for you and your kids, this event will help you do it.

This event is brought to you by the leaders of Amen University and Love and Logic. These two companies have partnered to develop healthy, responsible, respectful children, bringing over 80 years of research, experience and guidance that really works.

This event will introduce you to:

  • The downsides of the most common parenting styles
  • The 2 words that are the essence of great parents
  • How helping your kids could actually be hurting them
  • Why you should hope your kids make mistakes
  • The 1 parenting style that makes everything easier!

FREE Online EventOctober 6, 2022.


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