Ms. Krista

Ms. Krista is the Lead Learning Extensions Teacher in Green Squares (LL—W) with our preschool children.  Prior to joining our team this year, she was the Associate Grade School Director at Westside Family Church for three years.  Ms. Krista is currently working towards a degree in Christian Leadership and Management at Regent University. She is looking forward to working with the preschool children from Squares in the mornings and Circles in the afternoons. They will be engaged in fun arts and crafts, music and movement activities, as well as music and art appreciation.


  • Favorite Color:  PInk, Yellow, Bright Colors
  • Favorite Snack: Popcorn, Pretzels
  • Favorite Sweet Treat: Halo Cheesecake Popsicle, fruit
  • Favorite Soft Drink:  Unsweet Tea
  • Restuarant: Panera and Spin Pizza
  • Shopping: Old Navy, Bath and Body Works, Michael’s